Special Needs Planning 101


Special Needs Planning   The single most important thing that we can do as a caregiver of a child with special needs would be to properly plan for the time when we are no longer here.   Sticking our head in the sand on this issue benefits no one and especially not your child with […]

Special Needs Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

Special Needs Letter of Intent Drafting your special needs letter of intent is something you can do without hiring an attorney. It’s basically an instruction manual of all of the things you do for your child with special needs. It’s a list of all the doctors, therapists, aides, teachers, case workers, financial advisors and others involved […]

Top 10 Mistakes Parents Make in Special Needs Planning


Special Needs Planning Mistakes – The Top 10 As a single father of a child with autism and significant speech delays, I can’t afford to get it wrong and make a lot of mistakes as I plan for the future of my child when I am no longer here.  I asked Chartered Special Needs Consultant […]

How to Understand the Able Act

Able Act Pic

Able Act 101 The Able Act is a new tool available to individuals with special needs and disabilities for saving money tax deferred for qualified expenses.  This video provides an in-depth overview of the recently enacted Able Act. These accounts are very similar to the 529 college savings account that many parents are already familiar […]